Traffic Engineering & Operations

SEPI’s Traffic Group understands that traffic engineering and operations have a profound effect on the quality and safety of a community’s daily travels.

SEPI uses forethought and innovative approaches to analyze existing and proposed facilities, recommend cost-effective solutions, reduce congestion, and improve area mobility while promoting safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. Our traffic engineers and designers have extensive experience with all facets of traffic engineering design and operational analysis and are well-versed in Federal and State guidelines. They are also familiar with various analysis and design software packages. SEPI has experience developing Transportation Management Plans for interstate projects, diverging diamond interchanges, urban widening, rural improvements, roundabouts, bridge realignments, stage constructed bridges, onsite and offsite detours. We have been selected for nine consecutive years for the Traffic Engineering Limited Services Agreement with NCDOT, four consecutive years for the NCDOT On-Call Data Collection project, and was recently reselected to perform traffic engineering services for the Wake County Public School System.

“The firm has consistently met our deadlines, even on projects with extremely tight schedules. SEPI’s staff is knowledgable, innovative, responsive, and professional – qualities that clients value.“ — Signals & Geometrics Contracts Engineer, NCDOT



Traffic Engineering & Operations Projects

Specialties Include

  • Traffic Signal Design, Timing, and Optimization
  • Cable Routing and Make Ready Plan Design
  • Traffic Control and Pavement Marking Plans
  • Traffic Safety Studies
  • Signing Design
  • Parking Studies and Design
  • Traffic Impact Analyses
  • Traffic Data Collection
  • Capacity Analyses
  • Traffic Forecasting and Feasibility Studies
  • Driveway Permit Acquisition
  • Signal Warrant Analyses
  • Electrical Wiring Detail Design
  • Wireless Interconnection Design
  • Transportation Management Plans
  • Pavement Marking Plans
  • Corridor Planning
  • Interchange Justification Reports