Roadway Design

SEPI is dedicated to finding effective solutions for transportation obstacles and improving mobility.

SEPI’s Roadway Design engineers optimize transportation efficiency and environmental compatibility with a focus toward constructability on each project while remaining sensitive to public policies and community values. Roadway design, from freeways to neighborhood streets, requires a sense of balance and creative design approaches to succeed within the framework of limited budgets. We work as a multi-disciplinary team to accommodate vehicles as well as pedestrians and bicyclists, estimate costs accurately, and develop thorough and understandable plans and specifications.


Roadway Design Projects

Specialties Include

  • Conceptual through Final Design
  • Interchange, Roundabout, and Superstreet Design
  • Bridge Replacement Design
  • Context Sensitive Design
  • Designs ranging from Local Roads to Complex Freeways
  • Grade Separated and At-Grade Intersection Design