Signature Projects

Site 89

Site 89 Remedial Action at Camp Lejeune, NC

SEPI, under an IDIQ contract with MIDLANT, is the engineer of record completing the design of a groundwater remediation system using a Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) backfilled with a mulch and aggregrate media to passively degrade chlorinated solvents dissolved in groundwater. Designed a work platform that included erosion and stormwater control measures, and features to …

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Disaster Relief Truck

Hurricane Irene Disaster Relief

SEPI assisted in vegetative debris monitoring and landfill management in 14 counties. SEPI had approximately 33 monitors deployed to Williamston, NC, within 48 hours.  Our project manager coordinated with NCDOT officials, the contractor, disaster relief truck drivers, landfill operators and field team personnel to efficiently dispatch monitors. Monitoring responsibilities included: Ensured disaster relief trucks were certified. …

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