SEPI Sponsors Employee Bike Tour

SEPI is pleased to sponsor an employee and another cyclist on their bike across America tour. The pair will be riding their bikes across the US on what’s known as the TransAmerica Trail, which follows various, mostly rural, low traffic roads from Yorktown, VA, to Astoria, OR. They will be carrying everything they need on their bikes to camp along the way. They will occasionally stay at churches and other host locations that traditionally welcome overnight cyclists.

The pair will be traveliong a route that was developed by a non-profit organization based in Missoula, Montana, called Adventure Cycling Association (ACA). The TransAmerica Trail incorporates Bicycle Route 76, which originated during the Bikecentennial, a large bike tour organized for the 1976 celebration of the United States Bicentennial. So far, ACA has mapped over 40,000 miles of cycling routes throughout North America.

The pair will be keeping an online journal to document their trip. The journal can be found at the link below.  Good luck Mike and Sarah! We wish you a safe and successful bike trip!