Senior Leadership

Dedicated Leadership.


Sepideh Saidi, PE

Ms. Saidi is President/CEO of SEPI Engineering & Construction, Inc. (SEPI), founded in 2001. She has led SEPI to unprecedented growth during one of the most difficult economic times in our country’s history. Prior to forming SEPI, Ms. Saidi spent over 16 years in the field of transportation engineering design and management, of which she worked approximately 12 years with the North Carolina Department of Transportation in Highway Design and Traffic Engineering. Her current daily responsibilities include overseeing the firm’s projects in the Southeast, financial and administrative management, business development, and inspiring/motivating staff.

Favorite Book or Author? The Alchemist
Favorite App? Meditation App
Never-fail source of inspiration? Life
Proudest achievement? Raising my two wonderful children
Personal/free time? Traveling
Why engineering as your career? Possibilities
If you could do anything or go anywhere? I would spend more time learning about ideas, places, people, food, and wine.


Barry Moose, PE
Senior Vice President/Innovation & Operational Excellence

Mr. Moose has 33 years of experience in the Transportation service industry. He is responsible for administration and project management of various comprehensive transportation projects and internal best-practices. Mr. Moose has managed large contracts in excess of $100 million and has extensive experience in construction engineering and inspection, as well as maintenance and operations activities. While employed with NCDOT, he served as Division Engineer where he managed a staff of more than 550 engineers and technicians, and was responsible for all aspects of NCDOT’s transportation program within Division 10 (Anson, Cabarrus, Mecklenburg, Stanly, and Union Counties). 

Favorite Book or Author? The Alchemist – story of the power of our dreams and the importance of listening to our hearts.
Favorite App? “App” – what’s that?
Never-fail source of inspiration? Inspiration is importation, but we can’t depend on it showing up all the time when needed. That’s why I have chosen to be inspired by my commitments. The commitments of a person of integrity are solid, powerful, and lasting. The commitments call us to action. This is mighty handy when we can’t afford to wait for inspiration!
Proudest achievement? I have been blessed in many ways in my life, but professionally, my proudest achievement must be where I spent a career in the service of the citizens of North Carolina trying to make a difference in their daily lives.
Personal/free time? I am an avid gardener and love to grow vegetables to give away to individuals who would otherwise not have access to fresh produce. I love to work in my woodworking shop making things or just tinkering.
Why engineering as your career? Engineering is a challenge to do the impossible. To be able to see your vision go from just an idea on paper to a reality to a useful product has always intrigued me.
If you could do anything or go anywhere? Live for a year or more in Italy with my wife where we honeymooned years ago.


C.E. “Neil” Lassiter, Jr., PE
Senior Vice President/Construction Engineering & Inspections Director

Mr. Lassiter has 34 years of experience in the transportation and construction management industries including maintenance and operations. As the CEI Director, he is responsible for inspection services, contract administration, and construction management of multiple transportation projects in North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina. Prior to joining SEPI, Mr. Lassiter was employed by NCDOT where he served as Division Engineer in Division 2 for 17 years. He also spent 13 years in NCDOT Division 1 in Edenton while assigned to the positions of Division Construction Engineer, Division Maintenance Engineer, District Engineer, Division Traffic Engineer, and Assistant Resident Engineer. Mr. Lassiter currently manages a staff of over 140 Construction Inspectors and administrative staff and has construction management oversight experience with large signature transportation projects, as well as smaller scale projects. 

Favorite Book or Author? After the Bible, I guess it would be How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie.
Favorite App?  Twitter – It’s where I get most of my information these days. 
Never-fail source of inspiration? My family. My wife, Winkie is such a strong person, she is selfless and loving. My daughter Jordan brings out the best in me and is so compassionate and caring. My son Everette is very strong willed, focused, and driven to succeed.
Proudest achievement? Being named Division Engineer in Greenville. I was very successful due to the outstanding team of folks I worked with. Very dedicated, loyal, folks with a servant’s heart. 
Personal/free time? Other than being with my family, I basically enjoy two things; anything Wolfpack Sports related and hunting. 
Why engineering as your career? I was always intrigued about building things especially roads and bridges. I still enjoy riding over a project I had a hand in and knowing that we did a lot of good by helping folks with their transportation needs.
If you could do anything or go anywhere? Travel, at some point, I would like to go to the British Isles, Australia, and go on a safari in Africa with my family. 


Jerry Beckman, PE, PLS
Senior Vice President/Director of Land Development

Since 1983, Mr. Beckman has been involved in the planning, design, production and management of a wide variety of engineering and surveying projects. He has managed departments and divisions of over 100 staff and $14 million in revenues. He has also managed administrative budgets for numerous offices totaling over $4 million. Most of his career has been focused in the land development and surveying practices and has included work in the private sector, telecommunication industry, as well as, federal, state and municipal government sectors. As Director of Land Development, Jerry’s responsibilities include the overall management of our Land Development (Site/Civil and Survey) operations, including Raleigh, Charlotte and Wilmington offices. He is also responsible for new and existing client development, strategic planning, and working with other practice managers to expand SEPI’s brand within all markets.

Favorite Book or Author? Non-Fiction – Jim Collins, Fiction – Tom Clancy
Favorite App? The “phone” app. I appreciate the fact I can actually make and receive phone calls on my phone along with all the “other” things it will do.
Never-fail source of inspiration? My parents – My father was a career Marine, so in my first 18 years he did six tours of duty overseas. With that, somehow he and my mother still found a way to raise a family with three children that is still very close today. My wife – Her never fail optimistic attitude toward life.
Proudest achievement? The life I’ve helped build for my wife and I and qualifying for and running The Boston Marathon a couple of times.
Personal/free time? Cruising the lake on the boat with my wife, running with “the boys” (they know who they are), backcountry backpacking in the National Parks, and supporting East Carolina University academics and athletics – Go Pirates!
Why engineering as your career? An early attraction to mathematics with a couple of drafting classes in high school and an opportunity with an engineering and surveying firm my junior year in college.
If you could do anything or go anywhere? It sounds a bit like a childhood fantasy, but growing up I loved to play baseball. As many young boys did and still do, I dreamed of playing on a major league team and ultimately in the World Series. At some point, the reality that my talent was only going to allow me to live that dream through high school set in and the “dream” of becoming an engineer was forced to take over. At this stage of life, I suppose the closest I could get to that dream and the answer to this question is to attend a World Series game.


Rick Edwards
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Edwards brings over 30 years of financial and management experience to the company. Before joining SEPI, he served as CFO for Trust Atlantic Bank, as well as other well-known local financial institutions including over 12 years at Bank of America and 10 years with Ernest and Young. His areas of expertise include developing processes and procedures, compliance, managing core financial activities, and implementing best practices. Mr. Edwards graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign and has passed the CPA exam.

Favorite Book or Author? JK Rowling – loved the Harry Potter series
Favorite App? CNBC
Never-fail source of inspiration? My wife. She is always there to pick me up when I need it.
Proudest achievement? My family – two daughters who live in Raleigh and my wife whom I’ve been married to since the early 80’s.
Personal/free time? Play golf. I’ve been playing all my life and embrace the history and ethics of the game.
Why finance as your career? Best practices and leadership.
If you could do anything or go anywhere? I would play Augusta National with Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Billy Payne.


Steve Scott, PE
Senior Vice President/Chief Engineer

Mr. Scott brings more than 35 years of experience in all areas of transportation engineering from the planning stage through final plans and specifications. He has served as the Project Manager for numerous NCDOT, SCDOT, and municipal projects, and is very familiar with the processes and procedures used to successfully complete all aspects of a transportation engineering project. His responsibilities include managing quality control procedures, business development and marketing initiatives, staff development, contract review, and managing transportation services and Federal projects.

Favorite Book or Author? Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
Favorite App?  iAssociate2
Never-fail source of inspiration? My family
Proudest achievement? Obtaining my professional engineering license
Personal/free time? Doing projects around the house
Why engineering as your career? My desire to design things
If you could do anything or go anywhere? Explore Western Canada by train


Steve Thomas Steve Thomas, PE
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Thomas has worked in all areas of transportation engineering since 1984. He has worked with public and private clients in roadway and bridge design, traffic operations analysis and engineering, environmental impact studies and assessments, and air and noise analysis. He is familiar with the transportation challenges of both urban and rural areas. His excellent project management skills enable him to maintain long-term successful client relationships and in-house operations. Mr. Thomas is responsible for the overall financial performance of SEPI, working with senior management to maximize SEPI’s potential. In addition, Mr. Thomas is responsible for leading the direction of SEPI’s long-term growth through identification of strategic teaming partners, new and expansive markets and service lines, and acquisition candidates.

Favorite Book or Author? Huckleberry Finn or anything by Mark Twain
Favorite App? ESPN update app
Never-fail source of inspiration? The Bible
Proudest achievement? My family
Personal/free time? With my two sons and at North Carolina State University sporting events.
Why engineering as your career? My father’s career was laying carpet and all of us boys helped after school during the summers so I was around construction all of the time – I liked what I saw.
If you could do anything or go anywhere? Hiking any 12,000 + foot high elevation mountain with my sons.


Jennifer Allen
Chief Strategy Officer

Ms. Allen is recognized as a results-oriented strategic thinker with 20+ years of experience in the A/E/C industry in business development, marketing/branding, and consulting. As SEPI continues its rapid growth, her role will be instrumental in achieving SEPI’s strategic priorities, market development, and financial objectives through increased brand awareness, marketing strategies, communication programs, and improving client satisfaction and experience. Prior to joining SEPI, Ms. Allen founded and led Pursuit, Inc., an A/E/C consulting practice, served as Executive Director of AIA Triangle, and directed marketing and business development for CBRE/Heery’s South region.

Favorite Book or Author? I am an avid reader and bookworm. At any given time, I am usually enjoying one classic (i.e. Emerson, Austen, Woolf), a trending book on business strategy/leadership/philosophy, and a collection of poetry (Wordsworth, Shelley, Browning). I also really enjoy reading the letters of famous authors and leaders.
Favorite App? Instagram – I love photography and connecting to others through this medium.
Never-fail source of inspiration? Scripture, art, and music.
Proudest achievement? Simultaneously launching a consulting practice and becoming a mother to my inspiring daughter.
Personal/free time? Travel with family and friends, fitness, photography, volunteering/board service, live music, interior design.
Why engineering as your career? I continue to be passionate and thrive within the design and engineering fields due to the people within it. I enjoy cultivating relationships with technical professionals who impact communities and the built environment each day. I am very fulfilled by the contribution I make during strategic pursuits to help achieve their goals.
If you could do anything or go anywhere? I would enjoy traveling more within the US and abroad to experience other cultures, architecture, and landscape.



anne_lloydAnne H. Lloyd
Ms. Lloyd recently retired from Martin Marietta as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer after serving in that role since June 2005. She has served on NSSGA’s MAP-21 Reauthorization Committee and on the Blue Ribbon Panel of Transportation Experts for the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission. She is the immediate Past Chair of the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce and a member of their Infrastructure and Economic Development Policy Committee. She is also a Board Member of the Terra Nitrogen Company, L.P., serves as the chair of its Audit Committee, and is a member of the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee. Ms. Lloyd and her husband, Steve, live in Raleigh, NC. They have been married for 28 years and have two adult sons.


david_sprenkleDavid A. Sprenkle, PE
Mr. Sprenkle currently serves as CEO of Keen Edge, LLC for the purpose of providing consulting services to other companies. He previously worked for Merrick & Company for 35 years in a variety of roles. He retired from the position of Senior Vice President responsible for mergers and acquisitions as well as strategic alliances. He has also served on several boards including Society of American Military Engineers as Fellow, Past Post President, and Director as well as the Professional Services Management Association as Past President and Director. Mr. Sprenkle retired as a Brigadier General after serving the USAF and Colorado National Guard for 32 years.


paul_newtonPaul R. Newton
Mr. Newton currently serves as a Republican Senator in District 36 of North Carolina. Previously, he spent over 26 years at Duke Energy where he served in a variety of roles. He retired as President of Duke Energy’s Utility Operations in North Carolina, serving approximately 3.2 million electric retail customers. He currently serves on the executive committee of the North Carolina Chamber and is a member of its foundation board. He is also a member of the CEO Advisory Council for the N.C. Center for Nonprofits and has served on many other boards in the past. In addition, he is a member of the state bars of the District of Columbia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and New Mexico. Mr. Newton and his wife, Melanie, have been married 29 years and have three daughters and a son.