Environmental Statement

Our firm is committed to implementing long-term sustainable solutions through internal operations and on our projects to protect the environment.

We seek to:

  • use materials and construction processes that are environmentally responsible
  • find ways to utilize materials, resources, technology, and design in the construction of new and existing buildings to be environmentally sound in the buildings life cycle
  • improve our understanding and application of those materials, resources, and technology that can be used to minimize the overall environmental impact of design and construction of projects

Policy Objectives:

  • champion the efficient use of energy and reduce emissions of gases associated with climate change. Where reduction is not possible, we advocate for the offset of our own direct emissions using reputable means. Where practical, we favor renewable energy sources
  • strive for zero-waste generation through reducing upfront demand, reusing materials whenever possible, recycling (or down-cycling), and where these options are not currently practical, provide environmentally sound treatment or disposal
  • promote the selection and use of materials that impact the environment less
  • work to mitigate the impact of our operations on flora, fauna and their ecosystems
  • reduce water usage through conservation and recycling water resources to the greatest possible extent
  • pursue the reduction of harmful emissions by increasing efficiency of operations and using resources more effectively
  • minimize the negative impact of our operations on water, land and soil quality through effective stormwater management design and implementation of best management practices (BMPs)


Our management oversight ensures compliance with all laws, standards and regulations as we look for ways to improve the known methods of reducing the environmental impact. We have empowered our personnel with the responsibility of the firm’s environmental performance and encourage continued efforts to seek improvement as we move forward. Our firm’s belief in our ability to work with clients and our vendors to best serve the environment is at the core of our business plans and operational process.